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Action: Move •
Range: Rank •
Duration: Instant •
Cost: 2 points per rank
You can move instantly from place to place without crossing the distance in between. You can teleport yourself and up to 50 lbs. (mass rank 0) of additional mass a distance rank equal to your effect rank as a move action. Unwilling passengers get a Dodge resistance check to avoid being taken along.
You can only teleport to places you can accurately sense or know especially well (in the GM’s judgment). You retain your position and relative velocity when you teleport. So if you are falling when you teleport, you are still falling at the same speed when you arrive at your destination.
Teleport is meant for use on or around a planet. For things like traveling to distant planets or stars, apply the Space Travel effect of
Movement as a “hyperjump” or similar power.


Accurate: You don’t need to know or accurately sense your destination to teleport there, just be able to generally describe it, such as “inside the capitol building lobby” or “atop the Emerald Tower’s roof.” If the destination isn’t in your Teleport range, nothing happens.
+1 cost per rank.
Change Direction: You can change your direction or orientation after a teleport..
Flat +1 point.
Change Velocity: You can teleport “at rest” to your destination. Among other things, this means you can teleport out of a fall and suffer no damage. Flat +1 point.
Easy: You are not dazed or vulnerable when making extended teleports (following).
+1 cost per rank.
Extended: You can take two move actions to make an extended teleport with a distance rank equal to your effect rank +8. You are dazed and vulnerable for one round after an extended teleport.
+1 cost per rank.
Increased Mass: You can carry additional mass when you teleport equal to your rank in this extra.
Flat +1 point per rank in Increased Mass.
Portal: You open a portal or gateway between two points as a free action. The portal is five feet across. Anyone stepping through the portal (a move action) is transported. The portal remains open as long as you concentrate, taking a standard action each turn to maintain it.
+2 cost per rank.
Turnabout: You can teleport, take a standard action, and teleport back to your starting point in a single round, so long as the total distance moved doesn’t exceed your Teleport range.
Flat +1 point.


Limited to Extended: You can only make extended teleports. You must have the Extended extra, and this flaw effectively makes it a +0 modifier.
–1 cost per rank.
Medium: You require a medium for your teleportation, such as electrical or telephone wires, root structures, waterways, shadows, flames, mirrors, and so forth. You can only teleport from and to locations where your medium exists.
–1 cost per rank.

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