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Action: Standard •
Range: Ranged •
Duration: Sustained •
Cost: 2 points per rank
You can move objects at a distance without touching them. Move Object has no action/reaction; a moving object cannot drag the character “holding on” to it, for example. This effect is also not considered “physical contact” or “touch” for effects requiring it.
Your effective Strength for lifting and moving objects with this effect is equal to your rank. By taking a move action to concentrate you can increase this by +1 Str, changing the effect’s duration to Concentration (see
Duration). This is in addition to using extra effort to further increase your rank (see
Extra Effort).
This effect can move objects, but cannot perform tasks of fine manipulation (like untying knots, typing, or manipulating controls) without the Precise modifier. Objects thrown into targets as attacks base their damage off your power rank as if it were your Strength rank.
Move Object cannot inflict damage directly; you can’t “punch” or “crush” objects with it. You can use it to make disarm, grab, and trip attacks. See
Action & Adventure for details.


Continuous: Move Object generally cannot have a continuous duration, since it is an active effect and requires at least a modicum of attention to maintain. The GM may allow Continuous Move Object as a variation that is not disrupted when you are unable to maintain it, but that still requires your conscious attention to do anything other than have the affected object hang in midair. There’s no change in the cost of the extra, this is just a limitation of the Move Object effect. You must make Move Object’s duration Sustained (+1 cost per rank) before you can make it Continuous.
+1 cost per rank.
Damaging: Your effect can inflict damage, like an application of normal Strength with damage equal to its rank. This includes damaging targets in grabs and making ranged “strike” attacks.
+1 cost per rank.
Improvised Weapon or Throwing Mastery: You are particularly adept at using objects as weapons with your power. Each rank of either advantage increases the damage of objects wielded or thrown using Move Object by 1.
Flat +1 point per rank of Improvised Weapon or Throwing Mastery.
Perception: Perception Ranged Move Object can affect any object you can accurately perceive, with no need for an attack check.
+1 cost per rank.
Precise: Move Object with this modifier can be used for tasks involving fine manipulation.
Flat +1 point.
Subtle: The default version of Move Object involves some noticeable manifestation like a “tractor beam,” a glow around your head or hands (along with a corresponding glow around the affected object), big glowing hands, blazing “energy talons,” a lasso, whip, or the like. Apply the Subtle modifier for a less noticeable Move Object effect, such as invisible “psychokinesis” (which is generally also Perception Range).
+1 point per rank.


Close: Since Move Object works on things at a distance by definition, it cannot generally be reduced to close ranged. At the GM’s discretion, a Close Ranged Move Object effect may represent “tactile telekinesis” or a supernatural influence over objects you are able to touch, but such things are usually better represented by the Enhanced Strength effect.
–1 cost per rank.
Concentration: Concentration Move Object requires more attention to maintain. You cannot concentrate to increase your lifting capacity or to grab or move another object while you are still “holding” your first.
–1 cost per rank.
Limited Direction: You can only move objects in a particular direction or path, such as only up and down (towards and away from the ground), only directly towards or away from you (attraction and repulsion), and so forth. This is useful for “gravitic” or “magnetic” versions of the effect.
–1 cost per rank.
Limited Material: You can only move a particular type of object or material, such as only metals, plants, rock, water, and so forth.
–1 cost per rank (The GM may allow a
–2 cost per rank flaw for a particularly limited type of material, such as only precious metals, leaves, sand, or petroleum).

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