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Action: Free •
Range: Personal •
Duration: Sustained •
Cost: 5 points per rank
You can alter your appearance. Your traits do not change; your new form is merely a cosmetic change. You gain a +20 bonus to Deception checks to disguise yourself as the form you assume (see
Disguise guidelines for
Your Morph rank determines what form(s) you can assume: At rank 1 you can assume a single other appearance. At rank 2 you can assume any of a narrow group of forms, such as people of roughly your size and gender, a type of animal like birds or reptiles, and so forth. At rank 3 you can assume any of a broad group of forms like humanoids, animals, machines, and so forth. At rank 4 you can assume any form of the same mass as your own.
For the ability to change size as well as appearance see the
Shrinking effects. To take on the other traits of forms you assume, see the Metamorph extra, following, or the


Attack: A Morph Attack imposes a different appearance on the target creature. Unlike an
Affliction that imposes the transformed condition, a Morph Attack is entirely cosmetic: you can’t change the target’s traits other than appearance. +0 cost per rank.
Metamorph: Morph only changes your appearance; you still have all the traits of your normal form. This modifier allows you to have an alternate set of traits, essentially a complete alternate character you change into, one set of traits per rank in Metamorph. You can switch between sets of traits at will, once per round, as a free action. Your other form(s) must have the same point total as you and are subject to the same power level limits. They must also have traits suitable to your Morph effect. For example, if you can only Morph into humanoid forms, then your alternate forms all have to be humanoid. All of your forms must have your full Morph effect as well; those character points cannot be reallocated. The GM may require certain additional common traits for all of your forms, particularly mental abilities and skills, if you retain them. Metamorph is best suited to characters with defined sets of alternate traits. For a character able to transform into a virtually unlimited number of forms with various traits, see the
Variable effect.
Flat +1 point per rank of Metamorph.


Resistible: A Morph effect Resistible by Will is most likely a mental illusion of some sort. Observers who succeed on the Will resistance check see you as you truly are rather than in your Morph guise. This is in addition to the usual Perception check to penetrate your disguise. If you have the Metamorph extra, then targets that resist your effect treat you as if you had your normal traits, and not those granted by your Metamorph form.
–1 cost per rank.

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