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Action: Reaction •
Range: Perception •
Duration: Instant •
Cost: 3 points per rank
You can use victory points or ranks of Luck to affect others in various ways (see
victory points). For each rank you have in this effect, choose one of the following capabilities:
You can spend a victory point or use Luck on another character’s behalf, with the normal benefits.
You can bestow your victory point or use of Luck on others. You can use this only once on any given character in a round, but the recipient may use the bestowed point(s) normally.
You can spend one of your victory point or uses of the Luck advantage to negate someone else’s use of a victory point, use of their Luck advantage, or a Gamemaster-imposed complication (at the GM’s discretion). The latter also eliminates the complication, however, so no victory points are awarded for it.
You can spend a victory point or use Luck to force someone else to reroll a die roll and take the worse of the two rolls. The target of this last effect may spend a victory point or use Luck to avoid having to reroll.


Area: Your Luck Control effect works equally on all targets in the affected area. You spend only one victory point, but the subjects are each affected individually. You must apply the same effect to all subjects at once.
+1 cost per rank.
Luck: Each rank in this extra gives you the benefit of a rank in the Luck advantage (see
Luck in
Advantages). It is subject to the same limits as the Luck advantage set by the GM.
Flat +1 point per rank of Luck.
Selective: This extra, applied to Area Luck Control, allows you to choose who in the area is or is not affected by it.
+1 cost per rank.


Action: If the action required for Luck Control is increased beyond a reaction, it is only usable during your turn each round, which limits its usefulness in responding to the actions of others.
–1 cost per rank.
Ranged: Luck Control normally requires no attack check; if Ranged, it does.
–1 cost per rank.
Resistible: Targets of your Luck Control get a resistance check—usually Dodge or Will—to avoid its effects.
–1 cost per rank.
Side Effect: As a particular side effect of Luck Control, if your effort to alter luck fails, you suffer a setback without earning a victory point. Effectively the GM gains a “free” complication against you.
–1 or –2 cost per rank.

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