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Action: Free •
Range: Personal •
Duration: Instant •
Cost: 1 point per rank
You can make prodigious leaps, far more than even a skilled athlete. Your Leaping rank, minus 2, is the distance rank you cover in a single standing jump: so 15 feet at rank 1, 30 feet at rank 2, up to 1,000 miles at rank 20! You do not suffer any damage from landing after a jump, so long as it is within your maximum distance.
The speed rank of your leap maxes out at 7 (around 250 miles per hour), so leaps of greater than distance rank 7 take time equal to the distance rank minus 7. For example, a massive leap of 500 miles (distance rank 17) takes time rank 10 (17 – 7, or two hours) of time in the air! Because of this, leapers may choose to make shorter “hops” of just a couple miles, leaving them airborne for only a minute or so, to better control their direction.


Affects Others: You can give someone you are touching the ability to leap like you do while the effect lasts. You do not need this extra to simply carry someone while you leap; you can carry what your Strength normally allows.
+0 or +1 cost per rank.


Acrobatics Check Required: In order to use Leaping, you must make an Acrobatics skill check (DC 10). Each point your check total exceeds the DC allows you to use 1 rank of Leaping, up to your total rank.
–1 cost per rank.
Full Power: With this flaw, you can only leap your maximum distance; you can make shorter leaps only by not using your Leaping effect at all, just the normal jumping distance for your Strength. This may suit uncontrollable “leaping” effects like rocket boosters and the like.
Flat –1 point.

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