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Action: Free •
Range: Personal •
Duration: Sustained •
Cost: 1 point per rank
You can burrow through the ground, leaving a tunnel behind if you choose. You move through soil and sand at a speed rank equal to your Burrowing rank, minus 5. So Burrowing 8, for example, lets you move through the ground at speed rank 3 (around 16 MPH). Burrowing through hard clay and packed earth reduces speed one additional rank. Burrowing through solid rock reduces it by two additional ranks. The tunnel you leave behind is either permanent or collapses behind you immediately (your choice when you begin burrowing each new tunnel).
Note that Burrowing differs from the Permeate effect of Movement, which allows you to pass through an obstacle like the ground at your normal speed without disturbing it at all (see


Penetrating: Normally, the hardness of the ground affects only the speed at which you burrow. At the GM’s discretion, some super-hard materials may be considered Impervious to Burrowing, in which case this extra allows you to dig through them. • 1 point per rank.
Ranged: This extra either allows you to create tunnels at a greater distance (without having to be at the end-point of the tunnel as it forms) or, in conjunction with Affects others, allows you to grant the Burrowing effect to someone else at a distance. Doing both requires two applications of the extra. +1 or 2 cost per rank.


Limited: Burrowing may be limited to certain circumstances or materials, such as only loose sand and soil (leaving the character unable to burrow through dense clay or solid rock), or only snow and ice (being unable to burrow through earth and soil at all). –1 cost per rank.

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